About Us

Family roots, community, and home mean a great deal to us. We want Nor’East Family Treats & Eats to be a place to connect and share ideas with those from other backgrounds. Food and flavors are a great way to start the conversation. With our family’s Scottish roots, we appreciate the Gaelic words, Baile Blas [BAL-yeh Bloss], meaning “where we come home and experience beauty through taste.” 

Will you join us at our diner or food truck for tastes of New England? From New England inspired ice cream sundaes to burgers, breakfast baskets, sandwiches, and desserts inspired by the Northeast U.S., we hope you will enjoy the flavors of family and food with our generous and affordable portions. We don’t think dessert should be an afterthought. Rather, sometimes dessert is the main course! We hope you agree.

Today’s Featured Treat

We often feature daily or weekly dessert specials based on local seasonal produce. Such as Peach Cobbler when the peaches are falling off the trees, or fresh Blackberry Pie when the pickin’ is good. We strive to buy local produce and turn it into some of the best and biggest good ol’ treats around.